Keeping the Catholic Faith

Want to learn more about your faith?  Check out our new group!



Catholics in their 30s-50s – male and female, single and married who want to 1) learn more about their faith and how to put it into practice, 2) don’t have time to meet weekly and 3) want to belong to a community that supports and prays for each other.


Adults only!  No childcare available. 




Our next meeting is Saturday, Jan. 25th from 2-4pm in Room 201 in the Family Center.  The topic is “Wisdom for Peace of Mind” – let’s kick off the new year with peace of mind! 




Many of us are extremely busy during this time in our lives and don’t have time to join weekly scripture studies or meet during the day or on the weekend – but we still want to belong to a community and learn about our faith.  Come any time you can make it!  Each meeting will have a different topic that we’ll discuss.




Our next meeting is Saturday, January 25th from 2-4pm.





St. Monica’s Catholic Church – in the Family Center, Room 201

9933 Midway Rd

Dallas, TX 75220




Contact Angie Eckelkamp at or 214-403-4772. 

RSVP to get information on what to bring (optional) for the service project. 


What does a meeting look like so I know what to expect?

2:00 - 2:15pm       

Fellowship/networking/getting to know each other. Write down your prayer intentions if you have any you’d like us to pray for


2:15 - 2:25pm       

Quick introductions about the group and topic of the afternoon


2:25 – 2:55pm     

A talk or video lesson about the topic


2:55 - 3:30pm       

Discussion in small groups to learn from each other (we know some people don’t like to share, and that’s totally fine if you just want to listen!)


3:30 – 3:40pm      

Share as a group what was discussed in the small groups


3:40 - 4:00pm       

Learn a Catholic prayer and pray it together for each other’s intentions