Melissa Tehan, “Outstanding Volunteer”

When the Austin Street Ministry at St. Monica was first started five years ago, we set a goal to ensure all parishioners felt welcome in helping serve the homeless.  The Boy Scouts were one of the first volunteer groups to sign up and assist the parish in making and serving meals to the homeless.  One of the driving forces in helping coordinate the Boy Scouts volunteer efforts has been Melissa Tehan.  The process is complex and includes:  getting the Scouts to volunteer; ensuring the Scouts prepare the sandwiches, making sure there are enough volunteers to help serve the meals and providing a safe environment for the Scouts as they travel, serve and return from the shelter.  Melissa’s dedication to the ministry has helped us increase the engagement from the Scouts.  The impact on the participating Scouts (and their parents) has been far-reaching – it’s helped teach them valuable lessons in servant leadership.  Melissa has been a wonderful light of enthusiasm which has helped increase volunteerism and awareness of this ministry.

Nominated by Derek Blake


Pamela Beinar, “Outstanding Volunteer”

Pamela Beinar is nominated as the 2017 Bread Ministry Volunteer of the Year. Pam is one of a few bread ministers who does two runs.  She picks up bread and desserts every other Sunday morning at the Tom Thumb at Preston and Frankford and takes them to the Union Gospel Mission, on Irving Boulevard.  Pam also picks up at Panera’s (Preston and Forest) every other Tuesday morning.  What makes this run so special is that Pam then stores the bread and desserts at her residence overnight so she can take the donation to the Missionaries of Charity in Oak Cliff on Wednesday morning.  Pam does this because the Little Sisters of the Poor have come to rely on the St. Monica Bread Ministry donations on Wednesdays.  Pam’s volunteer work typifies the “Beyond the Boundaries” theme of our parish.  Her efforts exemplify Catholic values in that she is helping feed the neediest in our area: the homeless at Union Gospel Mission and the very poor of south Dallas.    

Nominated by Tony Cardillo


Nando Arduini, “Outstanding Volunteer”

The Helping Hands Ministry nominates Nando Arduini to receive the Outstanding Volunteer award for St. Monica. He has been a parishioner of St. Monica for some 27 plus years. Nando stepped in without being asked and took over the leadership for the preparation of funeral luncheons in the absence of Mary Hardey. He has been a calm and patient quarterback for the ministry, keeping these event preparations moving diligently and flawlessly. Nando has been there for every funeral, big or small, shops for the food and co-ordinates all the volunteers. In addition to his support with Helping Hands, Nando also serves in the Lector Ministry and as an Extraordinary Minister of Holy Communion.

Nominated by Helping Hands Ministry


Margaret Schwab, “Outstanding Volunteer”

Margaret Schwab had the vision of starting a Prayer Shawl group at St. Monica about 2 years ago.  She started gathering information on what it would take to start the ministry, and what the mission would be for the group, and took the steps needed to get the approval to start the ministry and advertised for volunteers to join her. The first meeting was back in August 2016 and is now some 20 plus volunteers strong! Margaret is a fantastic leader of the group with an enthusiasm and joyfulness that is contagious.

Margaret has made it possible for many people inside and outside the boundaries of the parish to receive one of our crocheted, knitted or quilted prayer shawls filled with "Prayers of Love, Hope and Healing"; which is the motto of our ministry. The Prayer Shawl Ministry unanimously submits the name of Margaret Schwab as outstanding volunteer for the Prayer Shawl Ministry.

Nominated by the Prayer Shawl Ministry


Paul Tomaso, “Outstanding Volunteer”

Paul has served a regular Deaconate rotation at the Lew Sterrett Jail with dedication and a sense of ministry to those in most need of Christian witness and the good news of Jesus Christ. We went there in the summer through winter at 7a.m.-11a.m on Saturday mornings.....that's dedication!!! I have seen him exercise a particular care for inmates who have come to him in need of a good word. He is a fine example of how St. Monica reaches out to those in need and what we experience at our parish. He has also ministered at a local nursing home. I have attended with him and saw him exercising a wonderful ministry for these people. I expect he will do the same after his ordination as a Deacon.

Nominated by Alex Schilpp


Charles Blank, “Outstanding Volunteer”

Charles has been a volunteer with St Vincent de Paul Society, at St Monica Church for over 25 years. He served as Treasurer for several years, and as President for 2 terms. He remains a very valuable and dedicated servant in our ministry. With his very caring character and businessman's wisdom he continues to help us attain the right decisions and solutions when facing the difficulties of the families we serve. We, members of the St Vincent de Paul Society, at St Monica Church, are proud to nominate Charles for recognition as an outstanding volunteer, for our ministry, church and community.

Nominated by St. Monica St. Vincent de Paul Society


Sally Cook, “Outstanding Volunteer”

Sally Cook is nominated as outstanding volunteer for Stephen Ministry. Sally has had 2 care receivers over the past year and always comes to Supervision well prepared to discuss how it’s going in those caring relationships. She also provides good insight to other Stephen Ministers in Supervision about their caring relationships. Sally is a very compassionate and dedicated Stephen Minister!

Nominated by Jim Einspanier