Joyce Purvis, “Outstanding Volunteer”

Joyce is a faithful, committed volunteer who has responded to the call of the new evangelization by making it her passion to help spread the Gospel by spearheading theological study programs. Having a masters in theology, she is not only well prepared but also very committed to communicating and spreading the Gospel message. She investigates the newest and latest programs, helps to promote them, invites many to join, and is here each week to lead them. We are deeply grateful to her dedication and service to the Church.

Nominated by Mariangela Byrne

(Baptismal Preparation)

Noe Vielma, “Voluntario Excepcional”

Noe Vielma ha sido escogido como nuestro voluntario nominado por ser un hombre amable, puntual y humilde.  Noe siempre tiene disposición para apoyar no solo en este ministerio sino donde pueda utilizar sus talentos.  También es miembro de Apoyo Familiar, Caballeros de Colon, y ofrece su ayuda en otras actividades parroquiales como el Vía Crucis viviente, conferencia y más.

Nominada por Blanca Lilia Rocha

Noe Vielma, “Outstanding Volunteer”

Noe Vielma is nominated as the 2017 Volunteer Nominee for Spanish Baptismal Preparation class. He is kind, punctual and humble. Noe is always ready to help not only this ministry, but wherever else his talents can be of service. Noe is also a member of Apoyo Familiar, the Knights of Columbus, and supports other parish activities, such as living stations, conferences and much more. For these special qualities, Noe is nominated for Preparación Pre-Bautismal.

Nominated by Blanca Lilia Rocha


Tori Regas, “Outstanding Volunteer”

Tori Regas has been a phenomenal first grade Religious Education catechist the past two years. She's dedicated, reliable, passionate, creative and committed to evangelizing the children that have been entrusted in her care week after week. For her lesson planning, she looks for creative ways to teach the material putting together activities for more tactile and sensory learners. She is so committed to this ministry, that she left a few weeks of lesson plans planned while on maternity leave and bounced right back only after a few short weeks. She takes the time to communicate weekly with parents on what students have learned and students take home activities to continue their spiritual formation at home. We are grateful for Tori's service to this ministry and look forward to having her again next year.

Nominated by Mariangela Byrne


Daniel y Gisela López, “Voluntarios Excepcionales”

Daniel y Gisela son un matrimonio que se destaca por su amor a Dios y al servicio que ofrecen en este ministerio. Son de gran valor sus aportaciones al compartir su testimonio con las parejas que van a recibir el Sacramento del Matrimonio. Durante todo este tiempo han demostrado su interés y compromiso para que esta preparación en las parejas sea lo más edificante posible. Cuentan con virtudes como la honestidad, humildad, compromiso, lealtad y amor al prójimo. Tienen una bella hija de 12 años a la que inculcan al amor y respeto por Dios. Son una familia muy querida por quienes entran en contacto con ellos y lo más importante son ejemplo de servidores.

Nominados por Nelson y Elsa Rivera

Daniel & Gisela López, “Outstanding Volunteers”

Daniel and Gisela have a marriage that stands out for their love to God and the service they provide to the Marriage Preparation Ministry. They contribute a valuable testimony to the couples preparing to receive their Sacraments of Marriage. Throughout these classes they demonstrate their genuine interest and commitment in offering couples the most instructive preparation possible. They are honest, humble and loyal in their love for their fellow man. They have a 12 year old daughter to whom they have shared love and respect to God. They are a family well loved by all that know them. Without a doubt, they are a great example in service of the Lord.

Nominated by Nelson y Elsa Rivera


Brett Parsley, “Outstanding Volunteer”

Brett Parsley has been a part of our RCIA Core team for the past couple of years. Being a convert himself, Brett is deeply committed and passionate about his faith and helps brings others to Christ through RCIA. This year Brett was given the task of reaching out to our parish ministries and getting them involved in RCIA. We thank him for the time that he dedicated to RCIA this year and look forward to having him again next year.

Nominated by Mariangela Byrne

RICA (RCIA Becoming Catholic)

Alejandro y Claudia Cardona, “Voluntaria Excepcional”

Los voluntarios nominados del programa de RICA son Claudia y Alejandro Cardona. Desde el inicio de año han mostrado compromiso, amor y dedicación para apoyar a los candidatos y catecúmenos en el proceso para recibir sus sacramentos.  Siempre están dispuestos servir en actividades dentro y fuera del programa.  Es un honor trabajar con ellos y tenerlos como parte del equipo de RICA. 

Nominada por María González-Rocha

Alejandro & Claudia Cardona, “Outstanding Volunteer”

Claudia and Alejandro Cardona are the volunteers nominated for Spanish RCIA. Since the beginning of the year, they have demonstrated commitment, love and dedication in supporting the candidates and catechumen, guiding them through the process of RCIA. Claudia and Alejandro are always willing and ready to serve in and outside the program. It is an honor working with them and having them as part of the RCIA Core Team.

Nominated by María González-Rocha