Charles Nemec, “Outstanding Volunteer”

Charlie Nemec has been involved with our scouting program for over 30 years. His dedication and continual support of scouts on a weekly basis is a tremendous support to our scouts. Charlie works with individual scouts weekly on rank advancement requirements and merit badge requirements. If it was not for his dedication and his determination, some of our scouts would not have received eagle rank status. He is a trained adult leader who exemplifies leadership in the Boy Scout way. His expertise and experience in scouting has been handed down to this generation of scouts. He is knowledgeable in cooking, camping, hiking, shooting, rope-tying, first aid, canoeing, kayaking, as well as others. Charlie will sit down with any scout at any given point and talk one-on-one with the scout. Several of our former eagle scouts completed their eagle projects under his guidance. His expertise with machinery has taught our scouts about life skills needed for the future. Charlie’s gives back to our community of members by providing young men leadership skills to carry with them into their future and provides them with skills needed in our society.

Nominated by Janine Amy


Bety Quintanar, “Outstanding Volunteer”

Bety is nominated because she has gone above and beyond the call of duty all year long. She is the track leader for our high school Confirmation group. She is a small group leader. She is one of the facilitators of our weekly discipleship group. She arrives early and stays late. She is always the first person to volunteer for anything. She has been an incredible member of the team by not only leading the youth, but other volunteers as well.

Nominated by Jason Trujillo


Lily León, “Voluntaria Excepcional”

Lily León es nominada por su mensual apoyo en la supervisión de la Misa de Niños cada mes. Siempre ha estado presente apoyando en la Misa, y ha aportado ideas para mejorar este hermoso ministerio.

Nominada por Patricia López

Lily León, “Outstanding Volunteer”

Lily León is nominated for her support in the monthly supervision of the Spanish Children’s Mass. She has always been there serve in our Mass and she contributes ideas to improve this wonderful ministry.

Nominated by Patricia López