Cecile Bonte “Outstanding Volunteer”

Cecile has been an active member of St. Monica Catholic Church for 56 years and has been in the Adult Choir for nearly as long! Not only is she one of the choir's most loyal singers, she is always offering to help "behind the scenes" for Fine Arts events including dinners, concerts, and much more. As a member of the Fine Arts Committee, Cecile has been crucial in the growth and development of the Fine Arts program into what it is today. In addition, she has spent countless hours organizing and maintaining the choir library and is always volunteering to help with its upkeep as well as the distribution and collection of the choir's music. The Adult Choir believes that Cecile fully deserves this nomination and is forever grateful for her selfless service.

Nominated by Conner McMains


Carmen Murillo “Voluntaria Excepcional”

La voluntaria nominada es la Sra. Carmen Murillo. Como candidato por el Ministerio de música en español.

Por su gran dedicación hacia el ministerio. Además de su gran sentido de compañerismo y buena actitud. Además por ser muy dedicada hacia los deberes cívicos del ministerio.


Carmen Murillo has been nominated by the Spanish music ministry, for her dedication to the ministry.  She has a great sense of team player and carries a great attitude. She is responsible with the requirements of the ministry.

Nominada por Alejandro Suarez


 Pat Bennett “Outstanding Volunteer”

Pat Bennett joined St. Monica Catholic Church with her family in 1972 and joined the Fine Arts program soon after, having always wanted to play handbells. A dedicated and hard-working volunteer, Pat shows up early to nearly every rehearsal and is one of the first bell choir members to begin setting up the room for rehearsal - a task she has helped lead for many years. In addition to her help with the bell choir, Pat also volunteers with Helping Hands, for hosting receptions after funerals at St. Monica. All in the group recognize and greatly appreciate Pat's ever-reliable service as one of our key volunteers and appreciate the kind, caring, and helpful attitude she always brings to rehearsals.

Nominated by Conner McMains

CONTEMPORARY BAND (12:30pm Mass Band)

Natalie Nduku, “Outstanding Volunteer”

Natalie has been in this group from its very inception. She always comes with a positive attitude and brings so much to the band. She is always willing to do harmonies, cantor, and whatever else the group needs. Natalie not only plays and sings in this group, she also reads at Mass and helps with the Youth Ministry. She is not only a great part of this band, but she is a great example for the entire St. Monica community.

Nominated by Emmanuel Espiritu


Veronica Yung, “Outstanding Volunteer”

Veronica is the longest tenured member of the 5:00pm band, having joined when she was in 6th grade. To say that she is an important member of the group would be a giant understatement. She rarely misses a Sunday, and when she does, the group dynamic changes drastically. Veronica is always willing to do whatever the group needs her to do, whether it be sing harmony, cantor, or lector. She has been the model band member for the past 6 years, and more importantly - a model Catholic and human being.

Nominated by Emmanuel Espiritu

YOUTH CHOIR (5pm Mass Band)

Sean Tehan, “Outstanding Volunteer”

Sean is the pianist for the 5:00pm Mass band. He is one of the most dedicated people in the group, having started in the group when he was in 8th grade. He has come such a long way since then, not only as a musician but as a person as well. He is a quiet leader - he leads by example. For instance, he works will all the cantors on the psalm, always patient and encouraging. I have been very lucky to have him in our group.

Nominated by Emmanuel Espiritu