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At-Home Faith Formation

Wondering what to do with your kids at home this week?  Scroll down for movie suggestions, prayer ideas, crafts and games, liturgical year resources, Catholic freebies, links to homeschooling resources, and more!

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Family Movie Pick of the Week: Guardian Angels

  • Go to and get free access by using our parish code: JT85TX
  • For savvy advice on making family night a success (even with toddlers and teens watching together) and more family movie suggestions, check out Kendra’s blog, “Catholic All Year.”

Prayer of the Week: St. Michael Prayer

  • Do your kids have a place to pray at home? Catholic Icing has a great tutorial!  I highly recommend letting your kids help gather materials and even letting them each create their altar in their bedroom.
  • Katie Warner also has some great tips and pictures on her blog.
  • Click here for more tips for teaching prayers to your kids and free prayer cards to print.

Living the Liturgy at Home!

Wednesday, April 29th - St. Catherine of Sienna

St. Catherine was the 23rd child in her family!  From a young age, she had her heart set on serving God.  She had a strong will- she even cut off her hair to make sure she would not have to marry!  She also wrote very pointed letters to politicians and the pope letting them know her opinion and giving advice.  Encourage your children to write to a politician or religious leader about an issue on their heart in honor of St. Catherine!

Thursday, April 30th - Pope St. Pius V

St. Pius V had the huge task of implementing the reforms of the council of Trent.  These included founding seminarians so priests could be better formed, writing a new catechism, and founding the Confraternity of Christian Doctrine (CCD) to begin offering classes for children.   Look up our local seminary- Holy Trinity Seminary - with your children and talk about how young men prepare to become priests.  If you know a seminarian, write a note encouraging him in his journey!

Friday, May 1st - St. Joseph the Worker

St. Joseph had one of the most important tasks every- caring for Jesus and Mary!  Celebrate by making an altar cake- find a tutorial here!

Saturday, May 2nd - St. Athanasius

St. Athanasius spent his life defending the truth that Jesus was fully human and fully divine.  He was exiled more than five times for standing up for what he knew was true!  This is a great day to talk to your kids about how important it is to stand up for the truth, even if it makes us unpopular!

Sunday, May 3rd - Fourth Sunday of Easter

Monday, May 4th - Blessed Michael Giedroyc

Blessed Michael was a dwarf who faced immense challenges growing up.  Although school was hard for him, he excelled at metalwork and made beautiful sacred vessels for Mass.  Design your chalices with paper, or decorate cupcakes with gummies and other candies to represent jewels!

Tuesday, May 5th - St. Hilary of Arles

St. Hilary was chosen to be Bishop when he was only 29 years old.  He showed his love for his people by doing manual labor himself to earn money for the poor.  Today, encourage your children to do an extra chore to earn money to donate to the poor or to donate something they truly like.

Wednesday, May 6th - Sts. Marian and James

Saints Marian and James were martyrs around the year 259.  We know very little else about them.  If you have older children, look up pictures of the coliseum and talk about persecution of Christianity in the early church. 

With younger children, decorate red hearts with prayer intentions.  Explain that these are saints who had a great love and pray constantly for us in heaven!

Crafts and Games for Catholic Kids!

  • Lacy, at Catholic Icing, has compiled some great craft and ‘boredom buster’ ideas (disclaimer- some of the downloads are for purchase, but the majority are free).
  • 14 fun family indoor games (no board- or screen- needed)

Catholic Freebies!

Homeschooling Resources