JR Haynes

JR is one of the best altar servers in our program at St. Monica. First, he personally does a great job supporting the priests and deacons in a humble, quiet manner that does not draw attention to himself. Secondly, he spends a significant amount of time helping train our younger servers in our regular training and refresher classes, as well as help direct the actions of our less experienced servers during Mass. Finally, he is always very willing to serve at our more complex Masses, at Christmas and during the Easter Triduum.

Nominated by David McCain


(Altar Servers/Hispanic Ministry)

Luis Lopez

Luis Lopez is a very spiritual and faithful young man, always ready to serve. In the beginning, Luis was a bit shy but little by little he opened his heart and grew his passion to serve God and love for the Virgin Mary. Luis is now guiding other servers as they continue to better themselves; he is always there to guide them through the Mass.

Nominada por Norma Torres


MINISTRO EXTRAORDINARIO DE LA SAGRADA COMUNIÓN (Extraordinary Ministers of Holy Communion/Hispanic Ministry)

Celerino Mejía

Celerino Mejía es un voluntario que siempre se mantiene en el anonimato, siempre dispuesto a servir sin que se le reconozca su esfuerzo. Es un ejemplo de humildad para todos nosotros, un hombre sencillo pero lleno del espíritu de servicio.

Nominada por Luis Alberto Monroy

Celerino Mejía is a volunteer that always maintains anonymity, and is always ready to serve without seeking recognition for his efforts. He is an example of humility for everyone, a man deep in the spirit of service.

Nominated by Luis Alberto Monroy

PROCLAMADORES (Lectors/Hispanic Ministry)

Marta Carias

Marta Carias, tiene aproximadamente sirviendo un año y medio en el Ministerio de Proclamadores. Ha sido de gran apoyo para mí y para todos. Toma iniciativas para apoyar. Marta es la primera en decir sí a lo que hay que hacer, y sirve en otros ministerios como en Ministros de la Sagrada Comunión, en Bautizos y en Ministerio de Enfermos. Hace otras actividades para ayudar a los hermanos fuera de la iglesia, como llevar comida a los desamparados. Entre otras actividades también es voluntaria en la iglesia De Todos Los Santos, siempre se da el tiempo para estar ahí cuando más le necesitan. Su lema es "atender al que más necesita".

Nominado por Ybeth Montañez

Marta Carias has served as a Lector for approximately a year and a half. She has been a great support to the ministry. She takes the initiative to help and is always the first to ask where she can assist. Martha also serves in other ministries, such as the Eucharistic Ministry, Baptisms and Ministry for the Sick. She is also active and helps in other ministries outside of the church, such as taking food to the homeless. Martha also volunteer at All Saints Church. She always makes time to be available when help is needed. Her motto is “tend to those that are in most need”.

Nominated by Ybeth Montañez


Bob Andres

Bob serves the St. Monica community as an Usher in the same way that he served his country, with pride and excellence.

Bob is one of those fellows who may come across as a little gruff and rough around the edges, but in truth, when push comes to shove, he can always be counted on to come through for you. If he knows there is an Usher that is ill, he will be the first to call or find out how Ushers can help.

Bob is always willing to go above and beyond to do whatever is needed and we are blessed to have him as part of our Usher team at St. Monica. In addition to serving in the Usher Ministry, Bob also serves as a Eucharistic Minister and on Serra Club of Metropolitan Dallas.

Nominated by Lisa Bell

HOSPITALIDAD (Junior Usher/Hispanic Ministry)

María Espinoza

La niña María Espinoza, cada domingo llega con un niño diferente para integrarlo al grupo. Siendo así como un puente entre los otros niños y las familias. Mary, como le decimos cariñosamente, es una niña alegre, extrovertida y obediente, el servicio que se le asigna. Tiene reverencia y amor a las cosas de Dios.

Nominada por Yolanda y José Luis Venegas

Each week, Junior Usher María Espinoza brings along new youngsters to be integrated into the ministry. She is a bridge between the children and families alike. “Mary”, as she is affectionately known, is a happy young girl, extroverted and obedient with her Sunday assignments. She is very reverent and loves everything related to God.

Nominated by Yolanda and José Luis Venegas


Robbi Luxbacher

Robbi Luxbacher is nominated for her service and coordination of our new St. Monica Welcome Ministry. She has done an excellent job of scheduling greeters, and has done so fairly, without burdening anyone. Robbie's email communications to the members of the Welcome Ministry is always warm, enthusiastic, and grateful.

We appreciate Robbi’s wiliness to step up to the plate, and take the reins of this new ministry! We appreciate her time and talents. In addition to her role with the Welcome Ministry, Robbi also serves on the Parish Council and is part of St. Monica Choir.

Nominated by Iona Fernandes